Resolution TC-2017-1 – Designating Posting Places

Resolution TC-2017-2 – Waiving Bonds for Employees

Resolution TC-2017-3Adopting a Fee Schedule

Resolution TC-2017-4Supporting an FMLD Mini Grant Application for Trails Improvements

Resolution TC-2017-5 Supporting an FMLD Grant Application for Streets Maintenance and Construction

Resolution TC-2017-6 Approving a Conditional use Permit for Property Located in the Commercial Zone Dist.

Resolution TC-2017-7Approving an Memorandum of Understanding with Garfield County Senior Program

Resolution TC-2017-8 Finding of Fact and Substantial Compliance of Annexation Application for Property Known as TBD Bruce Road

Resolution TC 2017-9 – Findings of Fact for Annexation of Property Known as TBD Bruce Road

Resolution TC-2017-10 – Appointing Alternates to Various Commissions

Resolution TC – 2017-11 – Approving a Mosquito Control IGA with Garfield County

Resolution TC-2017-12 – Approving a Hotel & Restaurant Liquor License for EAT Bistro

Resolution TC – 2017-13 – Authorizing the November 2017 Coordinated Election

Resolution TC- 2017-14 – Supporting an FMLD Grant Application for the Community Sports Park

Resolution TC-2017-15 – Supporting an FMLD Grant Application for Community Center Improvements

Resolution TC- 2017-16– Supporting the County-Wide Ballot Issue for Property Tax Mill Levy for Local Historic Societies and Museums

Resolution TC-2017-17 – Approving Ballot Language for a Vehicle Use Tax

Resolution TC- 2017-18- Supporting a Colorado Parks & Wildlife Planning Grant Application for the LoVa Trail

Resolution TC 2017-19 – Supporting GOCO Grant Application 101717

Resolution TC 2017-20 – Concerning the Adoption of a of a Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan

Resolution TC 2017-21 – Finding Substantial Compliance of Annexation Petition for CR 335

Resolution TC 2017-24– Adopting a Budget for the Fiscal Year 2018

Resolution TC 2017-25- Making Findings of Fact and Conclusions Regarding the Annexation of a Portion of CR 335