Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance Department is responsible for maintenance of Town streets and alleys, weed control, tree maintenance, snow plowing, maintenance of Town vehicles, and construction of new public works projects.

The Department offers annual fall clean up days during which citizens may bring unwanted items, tree trimmings and brush to the shop for disposal or chipping.

During the summer months, the crew splits responsibilities into two areas: general maintenance and new construction. New construction can take a variety of forms from curb and gutter to parks construction. The Department appreciates the patience of our citizens as it works to improve our Town.

During the winter months, the Street Maintenance Department plows and sands all the roads within the Town. When they are not plowing and removing snow, the crew is checking and cleaning gutters, culverts, etc. to ensure proper draining when the snow melts. The crew asks that citizens living on Main Street make an effort to park their vehicles off the street on snowy days to allow them to move all the snow from the curbs to the middle of the street. Being able to clear all the snow from the curbs allows much better drainage.

Snow RemovalNew Castle Snow Plow in Winter

The Town of New Castle Public Works Department provides professional and timely snow removal for over 50 miles of roadway. Generally, snow plowing operations begin when snow levels exceed 2 inches. The snow removal crew includes up to six on-call staff, starting as early as 4:30 am. This crew consists of five plow drivers to clear streets, and one small equipment operator to clear public sidewalks. We prioritize the streets according to traffic volumes and public safety requirements, focusing first on school access and primary routes for emergency vehicles. Special attention is paid to hills, curves and intersections.

In the downtown area snow is plowed to the center of the roadway. The snow is then relocated to snow storage sites no sooner than the following day.

Residential neighborhoods
Snow on residential neighborhood streets is typically plowed from the center of the street toward both sides. All snow from private property or adjacent sidewalks should be stored on private property.

Private snow plowing
Placing, dumping or pushing snow onto town streets or rights-of-way from adjacent properties is prohibited.

Snow plow safety
Please slow down and use caution when snow removal equipment is on the roads. Follow well behind the plow with your headlights on. Keep back a minimum of 50 feet to avoid driving in the operator’s blind spot and to allow for abrupt movements. Stay clear of flying snow and sanding material.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are streets prioritized?
The streets have been carefully prioritized according to traffic volume and public safety requirements. After plowing the first and second priority streets, the residential streets are next.

Who is responsible for snow removal on my sidewalk, driveway and mailbox area?
Property owners or occupants are responsible for snow removal on sidewalks adjacent to their property, and in or around driveways and mailboxes.

How can I avoid damage to my landscaping?
The public right-of-way extends beyond the edge of the street. A public right-of-way serves many purposes including providing for snow storage. Please keep any potential landscape obstructions outside of the right-of-way.

Why haven’t the main roads been cleared by the time I leave to work?
To provide safe access for commuters and to avoid high traffic volumes, the Public Works Department prefers to clear streets in the early morning hours, before you leave for work. Due to the timing and severity of the storm, this is not always possible.