Grand Hogback by Kim Ryder copyNew Castle offers a wide range of housing options available for rent and sale, including condominium units, townhomes, duplexes, triplexes, starter homes, retirement homes, family homes and golf course homes. There are also lots available for those who wish to build their own custom home.

Because of our prime location on the western edge of the Rocky Mountains, our temperate climate, our friendly neighborhoods, our great schools and our easy access to I-70, New Castle is a highly attractive community in which to live, work and play. We have 12 municipal parks, several in-town trails and access to both the Colorado River and the Flat Tops. Our Recreation Department offers an amazing number of sports programs for kids of all ages. Recreational opportunities in the area abound.

New Castle is committed to environmental protection, 73% of our residents participate in our recycling program. The new Public Works facility is largely powered by solar panels. We have initiated an anti-idling campaign. Both the appointed Climate Action Commission and the volunteer Environmental Action Advisory Committee track environmental issues and recommend or initiateĀ appropriate programs.

The town is home to three schools: Elk Creek Elementary School, Kathryn Senor Elementary School, and Riverside Middle School. Coal Ridge High School is located just a few miles to the west.


The Grand Hogback

The Grand Hogback is a 70-mile-long, S-shaped spine of Mesa Verde Formation sandstone with steep, deeply incised ridges. The Hogback crosses the Colorado River at New Castle. The valley access allowed easy access to the rich veins of coal buried inside. It also makes New Castle a great location to view a long stretch of the mountain.

The sandstone of Grand Hogback is approximately 6,000 feet thick and is the result of sedimentation along a sandy coastline, where numerous marshes and swamps collected plant material that has since become coal. The height of the ridge varies from 6,000 feet to 9,196 foot Monument Peak in Rio Blanco County.

The Hogback is home to a range of wildlife. Red tail hawks and golden eagles nest in the rocks and cliffs, and deer, elk, bighorn sheep and black bear roam the hillsides. Trails up the Hogback can be found near Rifle Gap State Park.

Google earth map of the Grand Hogback