The Town of New Castle is a member of several regional agencies which work collaboratively on issues of significance to the region. These agencies include:

Garfield Clean Energy

The purpose of Garfield Clean Energy Collaborative is to make it easier for residents, businesses, and governments throughout Garfield County to become more energy efficient and tap clean energy as a means to creating a stronger, more resilient economy. The GCEC uses state legislation that allows governments to cooperate with one another to provide a service or function that is most efficiently provided on a regional basis rather than by single governments. The six towns in Garfield County, along with the county government, Garfield Public Libraries, RFTA and Colorado Mountain College are members of the collaborative.

Garfield County Energy Advisory Board

The EAB provides a forum for the oil and gas industry, the public, impacted landowners and local government to prevent or minimize conflict associated with oil and gas development through positive and proactive communication and actions that encourage responsible and balanced development of these resources within Garfield County. Members include representatives from local governments, school boards, oil and gas companies and citizen representative.

Garfield County Senior Program Board

The Garfield County Senior Programs mission is to promote the independence, dignity, good health and nutritional well-being of seniors sixty-five and older in Garfield County, along with linking seniors and the disabled with independent lifestyles through mobility. The Garfield County Senior Programs consist of a nutrition program (weekly lunches at New Castle’s Senior Housing complex) and a transportation program (the Traveler).

Garfield County Weed Advisory Board

The goal of the Garfield County Weed Advisory Board is to curb the degradation of our valued environments by implementing an integrated weed management plan to stop the spread of noxious weeds.

Northwest Colorado Council of Governments

Northwest Colorado Council of Governments is a voluntary association of county and municipal governments that believes in the benefits of working together on a regional basis on programs such as weatherization, connect for health, elevator inspections and watershed services.

Northwest Colorado Cultural Heritage Tourism

NWCCHT is a five-county collaborative which promotes tourism and celebrates the history of the region.

RFTA Board of Directors

The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority – RFTA operates a fleet of over 82 busses and transports about 4.5 million passengers annually. New Castle is an RFTA member, along with the communities in the Roaring Fork Valley.