A Doggy Town

New Castle residents love their dogs! At any time of any day on any street, people are exercising themselves and their dogs. They’re an essential part of life in New Castle.

We also try to love everybody else’s dogs too, but in fact the Police Department takes many calls about dog problems. You can help to assure that your dog is a welcome citizen of the town.

•    License your dog each year in Town Hall.
•    Get regular checkups with your veterinarian.
•    Keep dogs on a leash unless in one of our leash-free parks or open spaces.
•    Take a dog training class.
•    Keep your dog inside at night and during very cold weather.
•    Never let your dog chase wildlife.
•    Restrain barking as much as possible.
•    Fence your yard to avoid unwelcome visits to neighbors (or their cats).
•    Obey the Town’s Animal Control laws.

The New Castle Police Department does not have a separate animal control unit. Animal control is available at all hours by contacting the New Castle Police Department either on the direct line (970) 984-2302 or on the dispatch line (970) 625-8095.


The number of household pets is limited to three dogs at one time, or five cats at one time. Additionally, the combined number of dogs and cats can not exceed five.


GIRL WITH DOGA dog is under “voice control” when the owner, keeper or harborer of the dog controls the behavior of a dog that is not leashed or otherwise physically restrained sufficient that the dog does not, without regard to circumstances or distractions:

  1. Charge, chase, or otherwise display aggression toward any person or behave toward any person in a manner that a reasonable person would find harassing or disturbing;
  2. Charge, chase, or otherwise display aggression toward any dog;
  3. Charge, chase, harass, or disturb wildlife or livestock; or
  4. Fail to come to and stay with the owner or keeper immediately upon command by such person. Voice control does not exist unless the owner, keeper or harborer exercises this command authority at all times to keep the dog within the requirements of this definition.

All dogs are required to be vaccinated against rabies (NCMC 6.12.020). Owners/keepers are responsible for picking up waste left by their dogs in public places immediately. There are multiple stations throughout town which provide bags as well as receptacles for animal waste. (NCMC 6.12.160). Additionally, owners/keepers are required to clean yards and dog runs of waste regularly (NCMC 6.12.150). All dogs within the Town of New Castle are required to be registered with the Town. To license your dog, you will need to bring proof of rabies vaccination to Town Hall during regular business hours (NCMC 6.12.040). It is unlawful to allow your dog to bark or howl in a manner which causes an “unreasonable disturbance” to any person at any time (NCMC 6.12.120).

Cats and Other Domestic Animals

All cats are required to be vaccinated against rabies (NCMC 6.08.040). Owners/keepers are responsible for picking up waste left by their cats in any pen, cage or yard (NCMC 6.08.060).

Dog Licenses:

  • Unneutered male or unspayed female : $25.00 per year
  • Neutered male or spayed female : $10.00 per year
  • Guard Dog $25.00 per year

Impound Fees:

  • Dog or Cat : $40.00 plus actual impound costs
  • Other Animal : $40.00 plus actual impound costs
Enjoy your pets, be responsible and do your part to be a good pet owner.