Resolution TC-2016-1 – Designating Posting Places

Resolution TC-2016-2 – Waiving Bonds for Town Employees

Resolution TC-2016-3 – Adopting a Fee Schedule

Resolution TC-2016 – 4 – Transfer of a Tavern Liquor

Resolution TC-2016-5 – Approving Conditional Use Permit at 702 W Main St.

Resolution TC-2016-5A – Amending the Retention Schedule

Resolution TC-2016-6 – Supporting a GFMLD Grant Application for Public Safety Radios

Resolution TC-2016-7  – Supporting a GFMLD Grant Application for Vehicles & Equipment

Resolution TC-2016-08   – Approving Conditional Use Permit for First Baptist Church

Resolution TC-2016-09  – Referring Measure to Voters for Xcel Franchise Agreement – APPROVAL DENIED

Resolution TC-2016-10 – Supporting a CDOT TAP Grant Application for Trails Planning and Design

Resolution TC-2016-11 – Naming Various Town Sites (Hills East of Mt. Medaris)

Resolution TC-2016-12 – Naming Rennix Avenue

Resolution TC-2016-13 – Approving a Conditional Use Permit for a Mobile Vending Cart in Ritter Plaza

Resolution TC-2016-14-20 year Franchise with Public Service

Resolution TC-2016-15 – Referring the Voters Ballot Question

Resolution TC-2016 – 16 – Pedestrian Safety Trail Project