Resolution TC-2015-1 – Designating Posting Places

Resolution TC-2015-2 – Waiving Bonds for Town Employees

Resolution TC-2015-3 – Adopting a Fee Schedule

Resolution TC-2015-4 – Amending the Fee Schedule

Resolution TC-2015-5 – Supporting an FMLD Application for Ped. Safety and Streetscape

Resolution TC-2015-6 – Supporting an FMLD Mini Grant Application for Police Fleet

Resolution TC-2015-7 – Supporting a DOLA Grant Application for Water Treatment Plant Expansion

Resolution TC-2015-8 – Adopting the Garfield County Emergency Operations Plan

Resolution TC-2015-9 – Extending Parking Requirements in the C-1 Zone District

Resolution TC-2015-10 – Approving Credit Cards

Resolution TC-2015-11 – Supporting a GFMLD Mini Grant Application for Community Center

Resolution TC-2015-12 – Supporting a GFMLD Grant Application for Streets Maintenance

Resolution TC-2015-13 – Supporting a Western Slope Statement on the Colorado Water Plan

Resolution TC-2015-14 – Supporting a Grant Application for the State Historic Fund for the Trimble Building

Resolution TC-2015-15 – Application for Lazy Bear Liquor License

Resolution TC-2015-16 – Application for New Castle Liquors Liquor License

Resolution TC-2015-17 – Supporting a GoCo Mini Grant for Bridge Lighting

Resolution TC-2015-18 – Supporting a GoCo Grant Application for Sports Park

Resolution TC-2015-19 – Supporting a CPW Grant Application for Trails Planning

Resolution TC-2015-20 – Alpine Bank Account Opening

Resolution TC-2015-21 – Authorizing a Mail Ballot Election on April 5th

Resolution TC-2015-22 – Approving the 2016 Budget